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About Us

EMID is a State chartered municipal governmental entity and the only known special district in California with authority over enforcement of C. C. & R.’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) on property within its boundaries. Except for general land use control, EMID has most of the powers of a city.

  • The District provides multiple municipal public services controlled by a voter to board member ratio lower than any city in the Country, some 60 voters to each Board member.
  • EMID derives its funds from the real EMID property tax dollars collected by the County of Santa Barbara.  By State mandate, the County returns to EMID residents a portion of these revenues.
  • Historically, Special Districts deliver public services more efficiently and at a lower cost to tax payers.
  • Property taxes collected from EMID property owners are applied to municipal necessities within EMID’s boundaries.
  • EMID also has the authority to collect fees for services provided

The District covers approximately 1,200 acres and serves 177 1 acre home sites in the Western Goleta Valley. On the mountain side of the freeway, about 1/5 of the District is residential, with the remainder being avocado orchards, currently designated for agricultural use. On the beach side of the District is the Bacara Resort and Spa facility. The County designated “Urban Limit Line” divides the District at Highway 101, with most of the District (on the mountain side of the freeway) on the “Rural” side of the line. The Urban Limit Line also serves as the westernmost boundary of the city of Goleta. The Bacara is in both the city and the district.